The Difference Between our 100% Remy Human Hair and Other Human Hair Available On The Market

All of the hair we use at Too Perfect is 100% Remy human hair. It is guaranteed superb quality hair which will give you a truly stunning and long lasting result. 

"100% Remy" means the hair cuticles of every single hair are in tact and facing in the same direction, the hair has been cut from a willing donor and handled carefully to maintain its alignment throughout production. The result is tangle free, natural hair which will act just as your own hair should, it will stay in good condition for months, it will be fresh and bouncy after washing, you can style it with heat, colour it, even perm it. It will not bunch up and knot from normal day to day activities, it is very much easier to manage than non-remy hair.

Non-remy hair can be referred to as "fallen" hair; it is essentially a waste product - the hair is collected mostly from villages in India where ladies brush their hair over large communal baskets, the hair that falls out will fall into the baskets, which are weighed and sold to hair brokers once a month or so. The roots and ends are mixed up, resulting in almost immediate tangling, a backcombed effect from normal brushing, a dry, brittle feel, split ends happening from the top of the hair down and lots of other problems.

This is how sellers are able to offer full head packs of 100% Human hair for as low as £30 or £40! The hair manufacturers will strip the cuticle from the hair and cover it with a silicone coating in an attempt to avoid these problems, the hair can look good for a couple of weeks but with every wash the hair will deteriorate rapidly as the silicone coating is washed off, leaving lifeless, dull, broken hair.


So, if hair is labelled as "100% Human", that certainly doesn't mean it's a good quality product. Even hair that is labelled "100% Human Remy" will only have a portion of remy hair blended in with non-remy hair. You need to look for "100% Remy Human" labelled with the words in exactly that order to be sure of the real thing! We offer 6 different types of hair to suit different hair types and different budgets, all of our hair types are 100% Remy Human, guaranteed.

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Our Hair Types

 100% Remy Indian/Asian Hair

Collected mainly from Temples in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, this hair is readily available and 100% ethically sourced, a large portion of the money used to buy this hair from the Temples goes towards improvements for the local communities. It is available straight and in a range of over 50 colours. Indian hair is perhaps the most mis-sold type of hair extension, beware of "100% Indian Human Remy", the real thing would be called "100% Remy Indian". This type of hair can last 6 to 8 months or more, dark colours last better thank the light blondes in this type, this is because the hair would have been very dark in its natural state, so would have taken more processing to get to the lightest colours.

 100% Remy Mongolian Hair

Our absolute favourite hair, incredibly soft, strong and thick with a great elsaticity which is due to the Mongolian climate and diet, this Beautiful 100% Remy, double-drawn Mongolian hair is available in a wide range of colours and lengths. Double-drawn means the hair is thick right to the ends, 90% or more of the hairs fall within an inch from the stated length giving the most glamorous result. Our experienced technicians have tried and tested human hair from many, many factories and brands from all over the world in order to bring our clients the best hair around, and we are very proud to be offering this amazing value range. This is our bestseller! This is a superior, no-compromise product that will last up to 12 months or more with good care, again dark colours last better than the lightest blondes because natural Mongolian hair is almost black, but even the coloured white blondes are incredibly healthy and long lasting with this type. Our Mongolian hair is the easiest type of hair to style and easily creates big bouncy curls which hold for several days!

Above: Former Miss Birmingham and multiple pageant winner Krisina Jagpal wears our Mongolian hair in colour 1b/2.

100% Remy Virgin Indian Hair

Virgin hair has not been chemically processed in any way, it will have its natural colour and curl pattern. Virgin Indian hair is usually mostly straight with a slight wave but natural spiral curls are available. The colours usually range from Jet black through the natural blacks and darkest browns, Virgin Indian hair can last 12 - 18 months approx.

100% Remy Virgin Russian/Slavic Hair

Without a doubt the world's most sought-after hair. Fine and incredibly soft, usually straight hair with a slight wave, our Russian hair is pre-coloured in a wide range of shades or expertly coloured to exactly match your natural hair, so every colour is available. Even with continuous wear, virgin Russian hair can last for 18 months or more depending on aftercare. When cared for correctly this hair will see you through many re-fits. Please note: Real Russian hair is extremely rare and highly valuable, there are many fakes which are cleverly disguised as the real thing. Don't be fooled, real Russian hair will never be cheap and it is not easily available. At Too Perfect you are guaranteed to recieve the genuine article, and at a genuinely fair price.

Whichever hair you choose, it is advisable to protect your investment by following our aftercare instructions and using our specialised product range.

Below: Before and after front view 


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