Frequently Asked Questions

 Will the Hair Extensions Damage My Natural Hair?

This is the most common question we are asked and the answer is no, they will not damage your hair when they are fitted and cared for correctly. At our salon they will be fitted correctly, but some responsibility does lie with the client to care for them well. The aftercare is very simple and easy to follow but it is also very important. We will discuss aftercare in detail at your consultation and give you a leaflet to take away with you after your fitting. If the aftercare is not followed properly then damage can occur. The pictures below were taken of one of our extensionists' natural hair before 4 fittings over 4 years, the natural hair will do remarkably well if the aftercare advice is followed. 

Above: One of our hair extension technicians, Sarah. This is her natural hair growth over 4 years of extension wear. Please note she is not wearing extensions in any of these 4 pictures. Cared for correctly the extensions cause zero damage. Call us for an appointment and we can show you in person!

 What Is Cuticle Correct "Remy" Hair?

Curicle correct remy hair means the hair cuticles have not been removed during production and all the hairs are flowing in the same direction, root to tip. This ensures the hair will not become matted or tangled as most human hair products do. Non-remy hair is otherwise known as "fallen" hair, it has not been cut from a donor but naturally shed throgh daily brushing and sold on to factories at very low prices. This is what 99% of human hair extensions in the shops are made from. 


Ok So I Definately Want Cuticle Correct 100% Remy Hair Then, Do You Use It?

Yes, we only use cuticle correct 100% remy human hair. It is important to note that not all Remy hair is the same quality and many sellers are sneaky with their descriptions. "Remy 100% Human" is a lower quality product than "100% Remy human", if it doesn't say 100% Remy, by law it doesn't need to be. It may well be 100% human, but if only 20% is Remy it won't last, so watch out! Too Perfect use only guaranteed 100% Remy Grade AAA or Grade AAA+ hair.


Can I Dye My Hair With Too Perfect Extensions In?

You should use a professional as it is important not to get hair colour on the attachment points.


I've Had Extensions Before, They Didn't Last And Were Uncomfortable. I Want Long Hair But I Need A Better Result Than Last Time.

Many extensionists, even those who are highly skilled, often compromise on the quality of hair used and on the aftercare and product advice. At Too Perfect you will not have these problems. Our technicians are experts in the fitting, maintenance, aftercare and removal of your extensions, they will be virtually unnoticeable and will last for months if you follow a few simple steps. You can ask for your technician's mobile number so you can get in touch easily and at any time. It is important to follow your extensionists' advice while wearing the extensions to avoid any problems and leave your hair in perfect condition after removal.


How Long Will My Too Perfect Extensions Last?

Your Too Perfect hair extensions will usually need to be repositioned at 3 months. The hair itself can last for longer, with our Asian hair lasting an average of 6 months, our Mongolian hair lasting up to a year or more and our virgin hairs lasting up to 2 years, they can see you through several installs.

Why Do They Need To Be Repositioned At 3 Months?

The nature of extensions means that they will put extra weight on your hair, it not advisable to wear any sort of hair extensions for longer than 3 months without repositioning. If your extensions are fitted by a trained and certified Too Perfect technician then this will not be a problem.



Are The Extensions Suitable For Holidays?

While most holidays will be fine, hot climates, sea water, swimming pools and hotel water systems can be bad for the hair. If you are going somewhere very hot, going with brand new hair is not recommended. It is not uncommon for brown hair to lighten or for blonde hair to change in tone on holiday. This can be rectified with a toner in the salon when you return.

How Long Does The Installation Take?

Everybody is very different in this regard and we will have a better idea after seeing you for a consultation and examining your natural hair. It will depend on how thick your hair is and the look you want to go for, as well as the fitting method you choose and if you have 2 technicians working on it at the same time. Preparing your natural hair, fitting a full head of individual strand extensions, blending them in and trimming them will take between 2 and 4 hours. Custom colour blending can add more time.

Am I Suitable For A Half Head Of Extensions?

If you are looking for extra volume rather than lots of extra length, then you are suitable for half head extensions.

What Happens At Maintenance Appointments?

During the maintenance appointments your extensionist will check the condition of your scalp, the bonds, and your hair. Any bonds that have fallen out will be replaced, any bonds that may need repositioning will be removed and re-fitted with a new ring, your hair will be oiled and styled, and will look as good as new!

How Do I Wash My Hair Extensions?

There are a couple of easy techniques for washing hair extensions which will be fully discussed at your consultation. They should only be washed once or twice a week, be sure to use our specialist hair extension product range, it really does make a difference!

Why Do I Have To Pay A Deposit?

In some cases a full head installation can take up to 5 hours, so each technician is limited to the amount of full head fittings that they can carry out during salon opening hours. We ask for a deposit of £100 at the time of booking to try to ensure cancellations are given in good time, so we do not have to make ladies wait longer than necessary for their appointments and have gaps in the diary. Your deposit will be taken off your final bill. If you choose virgin Russian hair you will be required to pay 80% of the total price prior to fitting as this valuable hair is ordered on a per-customer basis and we will not be able to return it once it has been ordered. PLEASE NOTE: We require 4 full days notice to cancel or transfer deposits.

Why Should I Choose Too Perfect To Do My Extensions?

We may not be the cheapest place to get your extensions done, the quality of our hair will not allow us to be, and we wouldn't want it any other way! We aim to give you the best possible hair extensions experience. Our team are professionals, they are trained and certified in the methods they practice, we are Habia members and our hair extension technicians' names appear on the register of the Guild of Professional Hair Extensionists. We are experts in what we do, we genuinely love our work and the reactions our clients give us!



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