LA Weave

All of our wefts are fitted using the LA Weave system. Too Perfect technicians are fully certified in the application, maintenance and removal of the LA Weave.

Clean and quick to apply, the LA Weave can transform your look in as little as 30 minutes. This method is perfect for simply adding fullness to hair which lacks body, or creating a total transformation by adding length, colour and thickness with a full head. 

No braiding or plaiting of the natural hair is required for the LA Weave which means it is suitable and safe for most hair types.

Typically, full heads will take around an hour to fit, and 15 - 30 minutes to remove. They need to be repositioned around every 6 to 10 weeks, depending on aftercare and the rate of natural hair growth.

 Why Weave?

LA Weaves are perfect for those who want a great result for a special occasion or event, but want a quicker solution than our individual strands. They are comfortable, quick to fit, quick to remove, and look great! The LA Weave is a cost effective way to get gorgeous long, thick hair at a lower price than individual strands. 

LA Weave Prices 

Mongolian 100% Remy Hair


Available in lengths from 16 to 24 inches and in weights from 50-240 grams, these wefts are made from beautiful 100% Remy Mongolian hair. This hair is double drawn, cuticle correct and available in a range of plain, mixed, ombre and balyage colours.

16 inch

Just for Thickness                              £140

 3/4 Head (120g)                                £200

  Full Head (150 - 240g)          £260 - £320 

18 inch

Just for Thickness                        £150

3/4 Head (120g)                           £215

Full Head (150 - 240g)     £270 - £330

20 inch

Just for Thickness                        £160

3/4 Head (120g)                          £230

Full Head (150 - 240g)    £280 - £340

24 inch

Just for Thickness                        £185

3/4 Head (120g)                           £275

Full Head (150 - 240g)      £340 - £400


LA Weave Maintenance               £80

LA Weave Removal                      £10


*Our Mongolian hair should last around 9-12 months, however the hair can last longer if cared for as per our instructions and when our specialised product range is used. If care is not taken the lifespan of your extensions will shorten.

Prices include hair, fitting and blending.

Above is an example of one of our 18 inch LA Weaves 

Providing Your Own Hair Extensions for LA Weave Application

You are welcome to provide your own hair extensions for us to apply using the LA Weave system. The cost for this service is £80. This method will work best with wefts that are made with double drawn hair.

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