Micro Ring and Mini Tube Prices

 100% Remy Indian/Asian Hair

Half Head

14" £145

16" £160

18" £175

20" £190

Full Head

14" £220

16" £240

18" £270

20" £300

 100% Remy Mongolian Hair

Half Head

16" £230

18" £250

20" £260

24" £300

Full Head

16" £350

18" £375

20" £400

24" £440

Natural Virgin Indian Hair

Half Head

16" £170

18" £180

20" £190

Full Head

16" £260

18" £280

20" £300

Natural virgin Indian hair is unprocessed and is only available in natural black and darkest brown shades.

 100% Remy Virgin Russian Hair

Half Head

14" £315

16" £325

18" £345

20" £380

22" £420

Full Head

14" £480

16" £510

18" £550

20" £590

22" £640

Providing Your Own Hair 

Micro ring fitting only (Stick tips) £110

Mini tube fitting only (Mini stick tips) £120

Nano Ring fitting only (Nano tips) £110 

If you provide wefted hair, a clip in set, or any other type of hair extensions for us to make into stick tips there will be an extra charge of £30 for up to 200 strands. We will usually need the hair at least a day or so before your fitting.

It is highly recommended that you buy 100% Remy hair for fitting with individual strand methods, for advice call us on 0333 456 0265.

Removal of your own extensions is £20.

 Mini Tubes


Mini tubes are our most popular fitting method. Similar to micro rings, they are fitted and removed without the use of glues, heat, chemicals, or braids. The mini tubes lay flatter than micro or nano rings and create a tiny, safe and very secure attachment which can be worn for up to 12 weeks before maintenance. Mini Tubes are also ideal for all hair types! 

 Did you know...mini tubes are the most secure fitting method available. It is normal to lose up to around 12 micro or nano rings in 12 weeks, however most people don't lose any mini tubes at all! They are also extremely comfortable - you'll forget you're wearing them!

Above and left: Mini tubes being fitted in our salon

 Micro Rings

Micro rings are a very popular method, they are fitted and removed without the use of glues, heat, chemicals, or braids. The rings are tiny, they are discreet and don't cause discomfort or stress to your hair. There is a layer of silicone inside the rings which acts as cushion once the ring is closed and helps the extension stay in place.

Micro rings next to a penny

 At Too Perfect we have our own range of slim micro rings which lay very flat when closed. These have been made especially for us and can be great in finer hair - See the difference in the pictures below! 

 Our micro ring colours, 10 shades available

 Did you know...Individual strands are the most versatile extensions on the market, they allow the extensionist to have precise control over placement of each strand, for the best result possible and the the most natural movement of the hair. Colours can be easily mixed to create subtle hi/low lites or striking colour slices.

 Above: Micro rings being fitted in our salon 

 Nano Rings


Nano rings are the smallest micro rings in the world and can be useful for very short, very fine or very light hair where we may struggle to hide other types of ring. See the pictures above for a size comparison with micro rings.

Due to their size, nano rings need maintenance more frequently than the other methods at a maximum of 8 weeks, and because of the way they are made this maintenance can be costly and time consuming. We think the biggest benefit of nano rings is achieved when they are used just at the top and sides of the hair alongside the mini tube method underneath. This allows for a generally more secure and longer lasting fitting with less maintenance than a full head of nano rings would, whilst still being as discreet and easy to hide. 

We have both traditional and silicone lined nano rings for you to choose from in 6 different colours. It costs £50 to add nano rings to the top and sides of your fitting, if you'd like to do this just let us know at consultation. 


Right: Nano rings being fitted in our salon

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