We offer a free consultation service to anyone who is interested in hair extensions. The consultation is particularly helpful for people who may not have had what are classed as "permanent" hair extensions before. The consultation gives you the oppurtunity to explain to the stylist exactly what look you are hoping to acheive, feel free to ask questions and talk about any concerns you have.

What you can expect at consultation;

  • Firstly, the technician will ask you a few questions about your hair (previous dyes, extensions etc) then they will check the general condition of your scalp and hair, and perform a strength test

  • Our different types of extensions will be explained to you, and you can choose which hair type, volume, and fitting method meet your needs best.

  • You and your technician will do the colour match together. You will be able to choose any hi/low lights you may want to add to your base colour.

  • The fun part, you choose your length! Some of our extensions come in lengths right up to 30 inches!!!

  • If you want to book at the end of the consultation you can, but there's no pressure - your written quote will be valid for 30 days.

Call us on 0333 456 0265 to book a consultation.

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